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One month to be a KissBanker!

Voilà, il nous reste un mois.
Un mois pour récolter 2777€, pour passer de 64 à 100% ou plus, pour dépasser les 38 KissBankers, pour voir la deuxième collection de Louis Le Sec prendre forme.
Un mois, c’est long et en même temps si vite passé! Faites passer le mot, likez, partagez, parlez-en …. cette deuxième collection verra le jour et cela grâce à vous! Merci Merci Merci

Here we are, we still have one month.
One month to raise 2777€, to go from 64% to 100 or more, to go over 38 KissBankers, to see the second Louis Le Sec collection emerge.
One month, it is long and really short at the same time!
So spread the word, like, share, talk about it … this second collection will emerge thanks to YOU!

Louis Le Sec, le linge de lit innovant



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Hayoit – a beautiful window with Louis Le Sec

The last weekend was just amazing:

good weather

great temperatures

really nice window for Louis Le Sec in HAYOIT shops

What else?

LOUIS LE SEC - vitrine

Louis Le Sec is available in 6 of the 10 HAYOIT shop: Uccle, Waterloo, Stockel, Wijnegem, Nivelles and Etterbeek.





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because Louis Le Sec is for mamas and papas in the know!

My Baba presents Louis Le Sec to its followers.


because My Baba is packed with expert advice and information on all aspects of fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. They are constantly researching and reviewing the latest educational toys, gadgets and gizmos, and blogging about the latest crafts, activities, fashions and mouth-watering family recipes.




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You want to be the 36th KissBanker … Let’s discover the campaign!

You want to help Louis Le Sec …
You want to be the 36th KissBanker …

Let’s discover theKissKissBankBank Campain:I am Sophie, I am mum of 3 wonderful kids: Antoine, Juliette et Elise.
Louis Le Sec is born from my idea to develop a comfortable and functional bed linen collection. Why?

- because I had to deal many times with daily small disasters (potty training, bedwetting, small childhood illness – regurgitation , vomiting, bleeding, … – bottle that spilled. I also had dustmites allergy) and I wanted to help parents who live the same
– because I would like to provide children bed linen they love and help them going calmly through these difficult times.

In January 2014, Louis Le Sec, THE new bed linen generation, is born. It is now time to think about the second collection ! Why do I need you?
Because a new collection, it is a lot of things: love of course but it is far away to be enough; I need a textile designer, a photographer, a graphic designer, communication, printing cylinders and then meters and meters and meters of fabric!

So it is time to take a break, to discover and to participate by donating to the Louis Le Sec KissKissBankBank campaign. We need you ! Thanks

couverture event 2



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Louis Le Sec is raising funds with KissKissBankBank

Louis Le Sec, the innovative bed linen (nice and functional) exists since 6 months.

The first Louis Le Sec collection  has been launched end January and is already available in more than 40 shops in Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Italy and UK as well as on its webshop (www.louislesec.com).

The welcome of shops, customers and media est incredibly positive …  the re-ordering of shops and the press articles attest it. You will find back all those nice words on the blog: http://louislesec.wordpress.com/tag/presse/

This really good beginning encourages me to go further. But, you know what it is: to last and grow a business, this is not enough.


Because the growth, the prospection, the product development, the diversification and even the new collection NEED money. Yes Yes, money, the nerve of the war!

All that, to tell you that YOU CAN HELP LOUIS LE SEC. I am looking today what needed to finance the next new collection. A new collection, it is a lot of things: passion of course but it is far away to be enough; I need a textile designer, a photographer, a graphic designer, communication, printing cylinders and then meters and meters and meters of fabric!

How can you help me?

By participating to the KissKissBankBank campaign aiming to finance the next collection:  http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/louis-le-sec-le-linge-de-lit-innovant

 What is KissKissBankBank?

KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding Platform SUPER EASY: everyone participates according to their desires and their means. The first reward starts at € 8 no more hesitation to have then! And for 500 , you can even participate in choosing the design and colors of the 2016 collection.

More details?

KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding plateform which helps you raise funds to realize your ideas and projects. It is an alternative space dedicated to creativity, innovation, solidarity and entrepreneurship. Crowdfunding is thus a lever allowing the public to financially and collectively sustain an appealing idea or a project BUT without taking capital participation.

 Why contribute to this kind of project?

  • for the pleasure to bring to life ideas and projects that are meaningful to you.
  • to live from the inside the execution of the project: you will receive fresh news on a regular basis of the project progress.
  • to enjoy the compensations in order to see the direct impact of your financial contribution: in compensation of your contribution, receive pillow cases, fitted sheets and duvet covers for your son, daughter, godson, cousin, nephew, newborn of your best friends!

So discover now the LOUIS LE SEC campaign and its rewards. See how you can help me in this incredible adventure! http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/louis-le-sec-le-linge-de-lit-innovant

You believe in Louis Le Sec ?

You want to help me?

Quickly share this post with all your friends, relatives, colleagues,

We have 39 days to raise the necessary funds.


If you are super generous and that the objective is exceeded, the funds raised will be used to fund the production of the second collection and participation in fairs (Playtime, Little Fashion Week, Kind + Jugend, …)

Many many thanks for your help.

Hope you‘ll be a lot to support this great project that combines the joy of children and parents!

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môm POP: un Univers Pétillant pour mômes et mômans

Mom POPLaure Savary a ouvert un magasin, joliment agencé, à Mulhouse. Elle présente la collection “Un Conte dans la Forêt” de Louis Le Sec.

On adore!

Univers Pétillant pour mômes et mômans
Mobilier – Décoration – Jouets – Vêtements – Puériculture – Future Maman

mom pop logo


12 rue des Fleurs

Mulhouse – France


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