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Louis will stay at KidsRoomZoom in Milan from 8 to 13 April

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Louis goes, alone without mum, to MILAN from 8 to 13 April … he will stay at Kidsroomzoom, a special home exclusively designed for children, providing a snapshot of contemporary design and contemporary art works for children. The idea is to create a real house for children and to remember when we were little to understand childrens’ world nowadays and operate in it.


Brands have the opportunity to present their products on a large area. The exhibition area is the representation of a living space. The single rooms are arranged as children’s rooms. It is all about interpreting the living environment of children. Besides furniture the event also features the objects that surround kids in their daily life.

The bedroom represents for a kid what the whole house is for an adult: a safe and cozy place where to find protection from the outside words. It is lived by useful tools for every day life and new adventures.  To be able to design a good children’s bedroom it is necessary to have elements of the child developmental process.


Author: Louis Le Sec

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