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One month to be a KissBanker!

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Voilà, il nous reste un mois.
Un mois pour récolter 2777€, pour passer de 64 à 100% ou plus, pour dépasser les 38 KissBankers, pour voir la deuxième collection de Louis Le Sec prendre forme.
Un mois, c’est long et en même temps si vite passé! Faites passer le mot, likez, partagez, parlez-en …. cette deuxième collection verra le jour et cela grâce à vous! Merci Merci Merci

Here we are, we still have one month.
One month to raise 2777€, to go from 64% to 100 or more, to go over 38 KissBankers, to see the second Louis Le Sec collection emerge.
One month, it is long and really short at the same time!
So spread the word, like, share, talk about it … this second collection will emerge thanks to YOU!

Louis Le Sec, le linge de lit innovant




Author: Louis Le Sec

Home linen that puts the fun into functional (waterproof and barrier against dustmites and bacteria!) LOUIS LE SEC HELPS YOU DAILY Made of very soft cotton coated with a PU membrane, the products Louis Le sec protect discreetly what is difficult to wash and are a barrier against dust mites and bacteria! In the bed, the cot, the pram, the buggy; in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room; in the car, at the park, at the beach, during travelling … the products Louis Le Sec are nice for kids and useful for parents. my bed linen protect bedding (duvet, pillow, mattress, cushion, bed bumper) from small accidents of everyday life and extend its lifetime, it is also a barrier against dustmites. my all around can be used everywhere for everything. It is waterproof and anti-bacteria. my hooded towel frees your hands to fully take care of your baby and keeps you dry during baby bathtime. my bib is sweet, absorbent, flexible but waterproof. To be seen on: www.louislesec.com

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