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The potty training phase is a key moment in the life of a family: easy, difficult … but sometimes very long.

On a daily basis, it can be hard: at best, just the sheets and pyjamas to change in the middle of the night, at worst, mattress, duvet and pillow are wet too.

This is the signal for battle: everything must change. The nights are short, the days are hard …

Sophie Remy was inspired by her Mom experience and launches Louis Le Sec today: a range of bed linen both beautiful and functional: nice and playful to appeal children ; convenient and reliable to facilitate the parents’ lives.

The collection is playful, beautiful and combinable to please everyone and to be able to change the atmosphere simply by turning the duvet or by combining differently.

Louis Le Sec, it is a range of bed linen 100% soft cotton : waterproof protective covers but breathable and soundless. The products are developed and tested to protect against liquids (from the bottle spilled to the classic bedwetting, through small childhood diseases), to be a barrier against dust mites and last but not least … to protect mattress, pillows and duvets!

Lauréat Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles


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