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137%: that is the new goal!

42 days and 64 KissBankers later, we reached the 100%. The collection II is coming to life: printings, colors, photos, communication … all this will exist thanks to YOU!

Right after having reaching the goal, I receive a mail from the KissKissBankBank team: “Hello Sophie Remy, Waouh! You reached 100% of your goal. But the collect is not over. You still have a few days to beat the record: 756% owned by ‘Geek Pack’! … Yours, KissKissBankBank team”

So the bar is high, really high but the team is right, the campaign is not over. It still is opened and available for anyone who wants to participate. The rewards are always available to please one or another!

So let’s fix a new goal!
The new donations will from now enable you to participate to the next Louis Le Sec adventures: THE FAIRS!
– Playtime in January
– Little Fashion Week in February

For that, 2.800€ are needed. 10.500€ in total or 137%


137% EN



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Love4Kidz has tested Louis Le Sec: “Na uitvoerige testen, zeg ik: uitvinding!”

I met Marieska (Love4Kidz) at Little Fashion Week in Brussels. Marieska is mum of 3 and is (and has been) really busy with potty training and bedwetting (as almost every parents, should I say). We talked about the solutions parents are adopting to cope with those small daily disasters.

I explained Marieska my desire to develop a range of bed linen both fine and functional. Why ?

– To help parents to stay as calm as possible when facing small daily disasters (potty training, bedwetting, small childhood illness – regurgitation , vomiting, bleeding, … – bottle that spilled )

– To provide children bed linen they love and help them going calmly through these difficult times.

Marieska found the idea nice but was sceptic: would it really work? So we decided to test it “to the max”. Marieska went home with a Grey Wood fitted sheet.

Her conclusion after having tested it: “After extensive testing, I say invention!”

Follow the link to read the whole report (it is in Dutch)



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Little Fashion Week

After Playtime Paris, Louis Le Sec is waiting you at Little Fashion Week from February 28 to March 2 2014.
After the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, it is Brussels who is welcoming its Fashion Week … but for little ones …! The opportunity to discover the international well-known brands for kids but also to support the belgian creation and production.