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Love4Kidz has tested Louis Le Sec: “Na uitvoerige testen, zeg ik: uitvinding!”

I met Marieska (Love4Kidz) at Little Fashion Week in Brussels. Marieska is mum of 3 and is (and has been) really busy with potty training and bedwetting (as almost every parents, should I say). We talked about the solutions parents are adopting to cope with those small daily disasters.

I explained Marieska my desire to develop a range of bed linen both fine and functional. Why ?

– To help parents to stay as calm as possible when facing small daily disasters (potty training, bedwetting, small childhood illness – regurgitation , vomiting, bleeding, … – bottle that spilled )

– To provide children bed linen they love and help them going calmly through these difficult times.

Marieska found the idea nice but was sceptic: would it really work? So we decided to test it “to the max”. Marieska went home with a Grey Wood fitted sheet.

Her conclusion after having tested it: “After extensive testing, I say invention!”

Follow the link to read the whole report (it is in Dutch)